Norbert Varga

Assistant Research Fellow


Room: I.E. 420

Phone: +36-70/320-4319

Research areas

  • Network management systems
  • IPv6-based mobility architectures
  • Flow-aware mobility mechanisms
  • Heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Android platform customization
  • Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS)
  • C-ITS/V2X-based applications and services
  • Heterogeneous V2X/5G telco cloud systems

Scientific projects

  • 2019 – ETSI ITS-G5 based V2X Roadside Unit infrastructure design planning for the M9 highway (Utiber Kft – BME HIT), (researcher/design tool developer)
  • 2018 – C-ROADS platform consultancy services (Hungarian Public Road Nonprofit Company – BME HIT), Consultancy Services for C-ROADS platform activites at Hungarian Public Road Nonprofit Company (researcher/developer)
  • 2016-2018: Intergovernmental S&T (Science and Technology) Cooperation Project between Montenegro and Hungary (MN_TéT-15), University of Donja Gorica – Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Towards development of enhanced security and mobility solutions for medical information systems /TET-15-1-2016-0039/ (researcher/developer)
  • 2016- 2018: 5G Telco Cloud Simulator (Nokia Bell Labs – BME HIT), Simulating the effects of multiple dynamic V2X communication and service provision environments in heterogeneous 5G telco cloud systems, researcher/developer
  • 2016: Commsignia – BME HIT V2X Communication Research Group, An Architecture Proposal for V2X Communication-Centric Traffic Light Controller Systems, researcher/developer
  • 2016: Commsignia – BME HIT V2X Communication Research Group, Digital Society – Digital Economy – Digital Cars Regional Digital Summit in Budapest, researcher/developer
  • 2016: Commsignia – BME HIT V2X Communication Research Group, A practical introduction to V2X technologies – Commsignia Industrial Training Material, researcher/developer
  • 2017: Smart Parking (T-Systems – BME HIT), C-ITS/V2X-based Intelligent Parking Management System, researcher/developer
  • 2012- 2015: CONCERTO (Content and cOntext aware delivery for iNteraCtive multimedia healthcaRe applications): EU 7th Framework, researcher/developer
    • Context and content-aware IPv6 flow mobility framework for ubiquitous and real-time mHealth services
    • mHealth application development for multi-sensor based mobile patient monitoring and tele-consultation use-cases
  • 2014: FIRST (Future Internet Research, Services and Technology), TÁMOP-4.2.2.C-11, 2014, researcher/developer
    • Design and development of distributed, dynamic and proactive mobility architectures and discrete event simulator for multi-access environment
    • Multiple-interfaces (MIF) infrastructures

Industrial Cooperations

  • Nova Services, 2018-:  developer
  • Atoll Technologies, 2014-2018 : developer
  • Commsignia, 2013-2014:  developer, Design and develop support framework for the field of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems