Mohammad Bawaneh

Research Fellow


Room: I.E. 221

Phone: +36 70 247 3375

Mohammad Bawaneh received his MSc degree in Computer Engineering from Yarmouk University, Jordan, in 2017, and his PhD degree in Computer Engineering from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary, in 2023.  He is currently a Research Fellow at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Networked Systems and Services  (BME-HIT) in the Multimedia Networks and Services Laboratory (MEDIANETS).  Prior to that, he served as a teaching and research assistant at Yarmouk University and Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Mohammad’s research interests include time series data mining and analysis for smart systems and data-driven services, and machine learning and data analytics for smart cities and intelligent transportation management systems.  The objective of his research is to utilize big data to deliver intelligent services for a particular domain.  In addition, greening big data storage and analytics in smart cities by introducing data mining and analytics solutions to store the massive daily generated data in reduced dimensions without losing the essential information, to improve analyzing the big data, and to speed up the big data processing.  Moreover, optimizing the transportation services in cities by introducing artificial intelligence-based solutions such as traffic prediction, traffic clustering, and congestion detection.  These solutions can deliver traffic management systems with the information needed to obtain several benefits, such as smooth transportation, resource allocation, and urban planning.

Mohammad has also participated in the teaching of several courses, including C++ Programming Language, Basics of Programming, Communication Networks, Media Applications and Networks in Practice, Multimedia Systems and Services. He has also served (and still is) as a supervisor for BSc and MSc students’ project laboratory and thesis work.