Gábor Lencse

Senior Research Fellow

Email: lencse@hit.bme.hu

Room: I.E. 450

Phone: +36 1 463 2055

My current subjects:

  • Computer Architectures (BMEVIHIAA02, in English)
  • Communication Networks_1 (BMEVIHIAB01, partially)
  • Computer Networks (SZE, GKNB_TATM004)
  • Networking Operating Systems (SZE, GKNB_TATM011)
  • Performance Analysis of ICT Systems (SZE, NGD_MDAA64_1)

My earlier subjects:

  • Computer Networks (BMEVIHIA215, partially)
  • Media Communication Networks (BMEVIHIM161)
  • Digital Design I-II. (BME)
  • Measurement Laboratory 4 (BME)
  • Computer Laboratory I. and III. (Révkomárom, BME curriculum)
  • IP-based Telecommunications (SZE, NGM_TA011_1)
  • Computer Architectures (SZE, NGM_TA009_1)
  • Networking Protocols (SZE, NGB_TA027_1)
  • Network Security (SZE, NGB_TA028_1)
  • Programming of Communication Systems (SZE, ta67)