Berenice Llive

PhD Student


Room: I.E. 221

Berenice Llive graduated with Engineer Specialist in Communication Network and Switching Systems from the Belgorod National Research University (BSU) – Russia in 2010. In 2014 she got a Senior Specialist in Law Telecommunication and Management from the Andean University “Simón Bolívar” – Ecuador Base and Externado University of Colombia, which was managed in colaboration with Association of Telecommunication Enterprises of Andean Community (ASETA). Currently she is a first year PhD student at the Department of Networked Systems and Services (BME-HIT) in the Multimedia Networks and Services Laboratory (MEDIANETS). Her research interests include IPv6 mobility, Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems Architecture (C-ITS), Software Defined Network (SDN)/Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Host Identity Protocol mobility/multihoming management,  C-ITS security protocols.