Adrián Pekár

Senior Research Fellow


Room: I.E. 449

Please note, this CV was not updated since March 2019.

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I am a qualified Network and Systems Engineer and Research Scientist with management experience in the information and telecommunication industry for 7 years. I have an in-depth variety of skills and experience in the fields of data science, machine learning, data centres, virtualisation, and computer networks and systems in both academic and private sectors in Europe, as well as New Zealand. My expertise, robust technical skillset, ability to communicate technical concepts and information to non- technical audiences, as well as team management and coordination capabilities repeatedly yield successful project outcomes. I have a diverse knowledge-base and high level of personal motivation with the ability to work autonomously or in a team environment, which provides exceptional value to any organisation.



Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Lecturer, April 2019 – Present, Budapest, Hungary

Victoria University of Wellington

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, September 2016 – March 2019 (2 years 7 months), Wellington, New Zealand

I have been working on the enhancement of network traffic classification, measurement data reduction and visualisation techniques in traditional and software-defined networks. Focusing primarily on:

− Application awareness (multi-class classification) using supervised learning (Artificial Neural Network/Back-propagation, k-NN, Decision Trees)
− Anomaly detection (binary classification) using unsupervised learning (outlier detection, clustering)− Heavy-hitter identification using cluster analysis (K-Means, Silhouette analysis) and pattern recognition

− Flow record (big data) compression method using dimensionality reduction (auto-encoders) and generative modelling (variational and generative auto-encoders)

− Flow measurement data visualisation based on Angular Histograms, attribute curves, and D3.jsI also prepared and delivered lectures for courses in Systems Programming (NWEN241), Advanced Network Applications (NWEN304), and Computer Network Design (NWEN302).

Additionally, I set and marked examinations and supervised and mentored both undergraduate and graduate-research students.

Institute of Computer Technology, TUKE

Data Centre, Network, and Systems Engineer, July 2014 – January 2018 (3 years 7 months), Kosice, Slovak Republic

I provided information and communication technology services to the Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia. I specialised in building and managing infrastructure and services, including hosting, networking, data centres and virtualisation. Development and services include:

− Ground-up implementation of private cloud system (IaaS and PaaS)
− Reduced the virtual machine provisioning time from days to 20 minutes via automation
− Improved the security of virtual machine provisioning via automating login credentials’ generation and configuration (for Ubuntu/CentOS/Windows servers and desktops)
− Improved the production systems’ availability via dynamic resource allocation and fault tolerance
− Reduced the power consumption by 50% via dynamic resource management
− Coordinated the migration from NetApp Data ONTAP 7-Mode to Cluster-Mode
− Coordinated the migration of production and development systems (from VMware vSphere v6.0 to v6.5)
− Managed virtualised data centres (approximately 60 hosts and 400 virtual machines)

Computer Networks Laboratory, TUKE

Research And Development Manager, April 2012 – July 2015 (3 years 4 months), Kosice, Slovak Republic

Link to project GitHub:

As one of the top R&D institutes in the field of computer networks in Slovakia, I focused on knowledge transfer between science and industry emphasising innovative network and multimedia communication solutions. Functions completed in this role include:

− Designed an adaptive aggregation method that reduces the IPFIX flow records by 28%
− Coordinated the research in the field of network traffic flow measurement and monitoring
− Managed the development of network traffic flow measurement tools and methods
− Achieved recognition through published manuscripts in scientific journals and conference proceedings
− Supervised and mentored both undergraduate and postgraduate research students

ELCT, s.r.o.

IT Training Instructor, August 2012 – January 2015 (2 years 6 months), Kosice, Slovak Republic

I specialised in professional, complex training and consulting services in the fields of information and telecommunication technologies. I also facilitated training at T-Systems Slovakia, Ltd. for the intensive 3-month IT training programme. I provided comprehensive IT training with all the soft and hard skills required for trainees to be successfully hired.

− Prepared and delivered full-day training of Linux (Fedora/CentOS)
− Assessed candidates and validated their obtained skills via regular tasks, assignments and tests
− Consulted and mentored employee candidates during their preparation for the technical interview
− Reported to and coordinated with the team leaders, managers, and human resources

Technical University of Kosice

Teaching Fellow, September 2011 – June 2014 (2 years 10 months), Kosice, Slovak Republic

Prepared and delivered tutorials for the Logical Circuit Design and Computer Systems Architecture courses while supervising and mentoring both undergraduate and graduate students.




Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic
Doctor of Philosophy – PhD, Computer Science · (2011 – 2014)

Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic
Master of Engineering – MEng, Computer Science · (2009 – 2011)

Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic
Bachelor of Engineering – BE, Computer Science · (2006 – 2009)