An intelligent parking assistance system for parking garages that navigates cars to the appropriate available parking lots.


Nowadays positioning based navigation is an integrated part of our everyday’s routine. For instance, it is hard to succeed without a GPS based navigation system in a bigger city today. However, indoor positioning and navigation is still in its infancy, although its application would be desirable in many areas. One obvious application domain is the automatic navigation of the vehicle entering into a parking garage to an appropriate free parking lot. The use of an effective indoor navigation system is convenient for the drivers, decreases the unnecessary circling in the garage and reduces air pollution.


The iParking indoor positioning and navigation system is based on Wi-Fi and optical tracking solutions. The system monitors the occupancy of the parking lots and with the aid of the background wireless and optical infrastructure tracks the position of the vehicle entering the parking garage and navigates the driver to a free parking lot. Lot selection is handled at the entry point of the garage based on simple preferences, e.g., the closest disabled parking space. The navigation interface is the driver’s smartphone or LCD panels mounted in the junctions of the garage.

Main innovations include the integration of state-of-the-art indoor positioning and navigation, modular and extensible system design, and modern user interface on smart mobile devices.


  • Duration: 2011 – 2012
  • Source of funding: national