CONCERTO is intended to design and validate novel solutions for network-, content- and context-aware media delivery, fusion, and interactive access, while specifically addressing the strict QoS / QoE requirements of healthcare services and telemedicine applications.


CONCERTO aims at designing and validating several critical building blocks of telemedicine applications. These include network-aware applications that rely on content-aware codecs and storage formats, carried over an application-aware network. The ultimate goal of the project is to provide high a Quality of Experience (QoE) for medics, which is a necessary condition for providing flawless medical diagnosing of the highest reliability. CONCERTO will achieve this ambitious goal by the joint optimization of several tightly coupled system components, which form an organic ensemble, rather than a simple interconnected conglomerate.


The CONCERTO architecture will rely on its advanced signaling system, which will support the real-time end-to-end adaptation of the constituent blocks designed for efficiently conveying the medical signals and video streams, potentially emanating from multiple, uncorrelated and rapidly moving sources. The partners of the project are from leading-edge companies, universities and research centers with a proven experience and key positions spanning from video coding to wireless communications, collaborating with doctors and medical staff of the hospital of Perugia (participating as University of Perugia). Our laboratory will contribute by analyzing cross-layer optimization schemes for delivery of mobile telemedicine applications through heterogeneous access networks, scalability issues of current mobile internet architectures, 3D video source coding and advanced QoE evaluation techniques.


  • Duration: 2011. december 1. – 2014. december 31.
  • Funding: 3 855 902 EUR
  • Source of funding: EU-FP7, STREP

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