Ongoing projects

Intelligent transportation system – Competitiveness and excellence cooperations 2018-1.3.1-VKE

The goal of this R&D project is to develop an intelligent transportation system, a new solution for the needs of urban mobility based on artificial intelligence, which will enable substantial progress in real-life control of the city traffic. Our team is focusing on the stream processing of big data, machine vision and prediction of future traffic conditions, based on historical data, using machine learning and classification methods. We are also involved in the intervention strategies (V2X communication and adaptive traffic light control), this way the system will enable city authorities to intervene in a timely and adequate manner and prevent traffic problems before they occur in the city. Our pilot implementation is currently under testing in the city of Pécs in Hungary.

Duration: 2019-2023

Source of funding: National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Hungary

C-ITS/V2X R&D projects

The V2X Communication Research Group of our Laboratory is contracted by Magyar Közút as a partner for the third year now involved in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) harmonization, evaluation and deployment within the framework the European C-ROADS Platform. Besides that our research group is also a member of the two consortia led by Utiber and Roden to design the M9 and M76 smart motorways by the order of the National Infrastructure Developing Ltd. Within the framework of the above collaborations, our colleagues support high-level decision-making, handle ITS-G5 network design tasks, analyze the development of standards, specify test cases, and implement various C-ITS/V2X simulations for comprehensive technology evaluation.

Duration: 2018-

Sources of funding: Magyar Közút, National Infrastructure Developing Ltd.

AWARD: Autonomous Warehouse and Last Mile Delivery

The AWARD platform increases efficiency of the logistic process from warehouse to last-mile delivery.The easy to implement solution uses intelligent planning algorithms, machine learning and smart robotics (i.e. drones and AGVs). Logistic processes can be enhanced through automation. The AWARD platform does this by improving both the processes in a warehouse and delivery to the end customer. It provides state-of-the-art planning algorithms and a hybrid infrastructure of automated delivery by robots. By implementing AWARD, logistics service providers can streamline their process through increased predictability and reliability, thereby saving on labor costs. For instance, buffers that are used in a warehouse for timely delivery can be reduced. All the while, customers are treated with a modern-day customer experience.

Duration: 2018-2019

Source of funding: EIT Digital