New journal paper about the performance estimation of the mtd64-ng DNS64 implementation

DNS64 and NAT64 are IPv6 transition technologies enabling IPv6 only clients to communicate with IPv4 only servers. Mtd64-ng is a novel DNS64 implementation, being a successor of MTD64. In this paper, the performance of mtd64-ng is compared with that of MTD64 and BIND. It is found that under heavy load conditions mtd64-ng can answer six times as many “AAAA” record requests per second than BIND. Mtd64-ng fixed two issues of MTD64 and also outperformed its predecessor by answering 46% more “AAAA” record requests per second under heavy load conditions. For further details, please refer to our paper: Gábor Lencse, “Performance Estimation of the Mtd64-ng DNS64 Implementation”, International Journal of Advances in Telecommunications, Electrotechnics, Signals and Systems, vol. 5, no 3, pp. 160-165, DOI: 10.11601/ijates.v5i3.176