New journal paper about our DNS64 implementation

We have analyzed the performance of our new DNS64 server implementation called MTD64 and it was found that MTD64 outperformed BIND five times by means of the served “AAAA” record request per second under conditions complying with the relevant Internet Draft (the requests were all different to eliminate the effect of caching and none of the requested domain names had “AAAA” records, thus the DNS64 implementations had to synthesize IPv4 embedded IPv6 addresses). For further details, please refer to our paper: Gábor Lencse, “Performance Analysis of MTD64, our Tiny Multi-Threaded DNS64 Server Implementation: Proof of Concept”, International Journal of Advances in Telecommunications, Electrotechnics, Signals and Systems, vol. 5, no 2, pp. 116-121, DOI: 10.11601/ijates.v5i2.166