CONCERTO demonstration at Future Internet Assembly 2014

The demonstrator of the FP7 CONCERTO project aims at showing how multimedia processing and transmission strategies studied in the project can help the implementation of telemedicine procedures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of medical interventions. In particular, the scenario selected for the demonstration includes an emergency area where an ambulance is deployed and which sends multimedia streams (both medical and environmental) through wireless networks to a hospital where remote doctors can interact with the acquired multimedia streams and provide a diagnosis even before the arrival of the patient at the hospital.

In FIA 2014 exhibition (Future Internet Assembly, Athens 18-20/03/2014), the two main areas of the full CONCERTO demonstration were represented, namely the emergency area and the hospital. At the emergency area side, CONCERTO showed the capability to combine in real time video acquisitions of multiple cameras in a single video stream which is coded adaptively according to cross layer information on available bandwidth or on user preferences. At the hospital side, all medical and environmental videos are stocked at a coordination centre. The demonstrator showed how the videos are transmitted on a tablet of a mobile user (i.e., a doctor walking inside the hospital) in real time and adaptively according to the interactive preferences of the user.

A highly customized Android Smartphone deployed at the emergency side together with a cross-layer optimized and fine-grained (i.e., flow level) mobility management solution of MIP6D-NG capable to take advantage of different overlapping access networks (e.g., Wi-Fi and 3G) to enhance medical multimedia stream transmission to the hospital was also applied in the demonstration scenario. Please see the posters and video material below and check our papers in the publications section!