BME NetSkills Challenge 2014 Award Ceremony

The BME NetSkills Challenge 2014 student contest is over. The award ceremony took place on December 2, 2014 at the employee meeting of the organizer, the Department of Networked Systems and Services of BME. The awards were handed over by the representatives of the sponsors, namely the NetVisor Ltd., the HTE Association, and the HTTP Foundation.

The winner is Ákos Varga, who was also member of the EuroSkills European Champion team in 2014. The silver medalist is Balázs Ákos Kalmár, and the bronze medalist is Dániel Horváth.

Congratulations to the winners! More information about the contest:

BME_NetSkills_Challenge_2014-dijatado_1BME_NetSkills_Challenge_2014-dijatado_2BME_NetSkills_Challenge_2014-dijatado_2 BME_NetSkills_Challenge_2014-dijatado_3