“Best Student Paper Award” received by Péter Pálos

Our student, Péter Pálos received Best Student Paper Award from the Committee of 44th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP). The honored paper titled “ReLight-WCTM: Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Approach for Traffic Light Control within a Realistic Traffic Simulation” more…

Kosmolot online – Official site to play in Ukraine

Kosmolot online – Official site to play in Ukraine

We present to you the online network of clubs Kosmolot, one of the most prominent Ukrainian players in the field. MSL is the regulator of the company's activities, previously the license was held by UNL (National Lottery of Ukraine). Many people are familiar with Kosmolot because of the many land-based establishments in various cities. They are popular among gambling enthusiasts. 2018
A version was also launched for the global network.

Customers have contributed funds to the prize fund. About 75% of the amount is given to winners. These are determined randomly and don't depend on bet amount or user actions. The network controls all devices and connects them together.
regulator. The club's owners cannot influence the results.

It is important to note that the calculation algorithms and the scheme of work for site-based establishments and land-based establishments differ.

How to register and play Cosmolot slots machines

All online slot machines Kosmolot are available in trial and commercial mode. You can take some risk by signing up and making a deposit. However, you should be aware of the current limits.

It is simple to navigate the site. You will find registration and authorization buttons, game offers, side drop-down menus, and a search bar. In the side section is also an icon to call technical support.

It is easy to register for Cosmolot. Fill out the form below with your personal information. You have the option to link your account with an email address or mobile phone. You can also log in through Facebook and Google accounts. The administration may ask you to complete the verification process at any moment. The user will need photos of the document in order to confirm their identity.

You don't need to register in order to play free online slots machines. Simply select any game you like and click on the button.
Demo button. In trial mode, video slots can be launched. Virtual credits are not able to be withdrawn from a real account. You cannot withdraw virtual credits to a real account if you don't have one.
If you have never been to land-based clubs or are unsure of the rules, the demo version allows you to get familiar with the program without spending any money.

Important Features

  • This site is intended to be an online casino gaming room. It has a modern design and an intuitive interface. You can search by program name, popularity, or other criteria.
  • The company collaborates with prominent software developers. These include Playson, Quickspin, Igrosoft and other well-known software developers.
  • Some Cosmolot slot machines can also be viewed in live mode. This increases user interest. This way of playing is very realistic. You don't have to move to land-based gaming.
  • There are many types of bonuses. Cashback programs can be used to help you return some of your money if you're not lucky.
    Each week, the return will be in the amount 10% of what was spent. They are transferred to your bonus account subject to a x10 wagering condition. This is easy and takes very little time.

There are many slot machines that can be used to make money on the official resource. You will find classics like Lucky Lady's Charm or Ogre Empire, as well modern programs with high-quality graphics. There are many themed games to suit every taste.

Security and legal issues

The club operates within the laws of the country by using licensed slot machines and an MSL license. How does it work? It is a lottery draw that is visually displayed on the screen with a combination symbol. This is how it works
This is because online slots machines in Ukraine are still prohibited. However, the above-mentioned option is legal and is allowed under Law N5204VI on State Lotteries.

You should also note that the website of the company has been checked and awarded the DMCA Protection Mark. Independent experts have verified the reliability and honesty of the resource. Random selection determines the winners.

According to international and Ukrainian legislation, clients cannot be under 18 years of age at the time of registration. The club management can block an account if you violate this requirement. These rules only apply to Ukraine. The administration suggests that you follow the laws of the country in which you reside if you're in another country. For citizens of many countries, such as the United States, Spain and the Netherlands, France, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, and others, registration is prohibited. The web resource contains a comprehensive list.

Management of the institution guarantees that no personal data, including information about payments, is passed to any third party. You can access the site via a secure connection.

Cosmolot is a safe place to play hryvnia-based online games. The Ministry of Finance oversees the operation of the site.

Register only on the official website to eliminate any potential risks. Scammers are increasing online. To steal personal information, attackers copy the design.

Tournaments for clients

The club administration offers the chance to participate in tournaments, as well as the possibility to play slots for real money. Weekly drawings are held that allow you to win in hryvnia as well as other valuable prizes.

Online gaming is fun and lucrative for the Kosmolot Club. Management offers clients the opportunity to join the affiliate program. You can earn passive income by distributing referral links.

Presentation at VAE 2018

Our colleague Zsolt Szendrei presented the article “Zs. Szendrei , N. Varga, L. Bokor: A SUMO-based Hardware-in-the-Loop V2X Simulation Framework for Testing and Rapid Prototyping of Cooperative Vehicular Applications” on the 23rd of May 2018 at the 2nd International Conference on Vehicle and Automotive Engineering – 23-25 May 2018, University of Miskolc, Hungary (VAE 2018).


Abstract. Vehicle-to-Anything (V2X) technologies aim at providing globally standardized communication tools to efficiently transmit information between all players of the transportation ecosystem. Based on such extensive data exchange between traffic objects V2X helps to create an advanced domain of transportation called Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) where an ever-growing scale of cooperative vehicular applications/services facilitate enhanced safety and comfort on the road and lead towards fully automated transportation in the future. C-ITS relies on a complex architecture consisting of a cross-layer op-timized sophisticated protocol stack, hybrid radio access solutions, computing al-gorithms, decision schemes, special interfaces, internet-of-things (IoT) integra-tion, etc. Moreover, C-ITS and the support of cooperative use-cases demand high reliability, enhanced Quality of Service/Quality of Experience (QoS/QoE), and rock-solid hardware/software implementations working efficiently and securely even in the most complicated environments including extreme traffic circumstanc-es or unpredictable actions. Therefore, deliberate system testing is a crucial and strategic process, especially when we are closing to the wide-scale deployment phase of real-life C-ITS solutions. Our proposed hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) V2X simulation framework was designed to offer a cost-efficient and simple toolset for testing and rapid prototyping of cooperative vehicular solutions by partially replacing costly, time-consuming and oftentimes dangerous field tests with an easy to install, tabletop laboratory test- and development suite.

Presentation in Žabljak – IT 2018

Our colleagues Norbert Varga and László Bokor together with co-authors Ivana Ognjanović and Ramo Šendelj from Montenegro presented their accepted paper entitled “On the mobility management performance of NEMO-based nested wireless body area networks” in Žabljak at the 23. Information Tehnology (IT 2018) conference.

Given the currently fast evolution of wireless access technologies, high-performance mobile devices and wide variety of wearable medical sensors, electronic and mobile healthcare (eHealth and mHealth) services are receiving particular attention nowadays. Several mHealth application scenarios strongly rely on mobile or embedded devices interconnected with medical sensors via Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs). The vast majority of these services require strict medical level Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) provision. Emergency use-cases like remote patient monitoring, tele-consultation and guided surgical intervention demand real-time communication and appropriate connection quality during any mobility event. In many cases the mHealth WBANs are nested into other overlay access networks around the patient. To fulfil the quality requirements of such applications, during the various mobility scenarios not only a single mobile entity has to be considered, but also entire nested WBANs (moving between different networks) have to be taken into account. If network layer mobility management is required (like in case of inter-technology handovers under heterogeneous radio coverages), still NEMO Basic Support (RFC 3963) is the most common standardized approach to be implemented. Motivated by this, the paper investigates mobility management performance issues of NEMO-based nested WBANs. The evaluation is based on INET/OMNeT++ simulations and transport layer characteristics.

5G V2X demonstration on Magyar Telekom’s 5G Verticals conference

Our colleagues Norbert Varga and László Bokor together with Péter Hegyi from Nokia Bell Labs demonstrated their latest results on simulation of multiple dynamic V2X communication / service provision environments in heterogeneous 5G telco cloud systems. The demonstration was held during Magyar Telekom’s 5G VERTICALS – NEXT GENERATION BUSINESS CONFERENCE and showcased 5G V2X communication scenarios where dynamic V2X communication / service provision environments are simultaneously available for connected/autonomous vehicles and other users with highly different communication characteristics and network usage profile. Advanced 5G features like network slicing, application scaling, hybrid multiaccess V2X communication and adaptive network function placement have been applied to demonstrate how use-cases of connected and autonomous vehicles can be efficiently supported in 5G telco cloud systems.



Intelligent traffic light controller systems – Paper presentation on ITST 2017

Our colleagues Norbert Varga and László Bokor together with András Takács, József Kovács and László Virág from Commsignia Ltd. have presented their results on  V2X communication-centric traffic light controller systems during the 15th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications (ITST) in Warsaw, Poland. The presented work (available on ieeexplore) focuses on advanced traffic light / traffic signal controller systems which will play an important role in adaptively and dynamically coordinating individual traffic lights of near future smart cities to manage city-wide objectives of traffic operations using vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to- infrastructure (V2I) communication  techniques (together referred as V2X).  Dynamic real-time information exchange between all the players of the traffic controlling ecosystem and fostering cooperative urban mobility are the main goals of the proposed architecture while the presented testbed showcases the authors’ proof-of-concept implementation of the proposed scheme.


Novel results on mHealth QoE evaluation – Presentation at QEEMS’17

Our colleagues Tamás Péteri, Norbert Varga and László Bokor have presented their novel results on mHealth QoE evaluation during the first International Young Researcher Summit on Quality of Experience in Emerging Multimedia Services (QEEMS 2017). Their paper (available online) focuses on pervasive and ubiquitous mHealth services that rely on heterogeneous network (HetNet) technologies comprising a combination of different cell types and different access technologies to ensure advanced communication solutions for critical services and patient-centric, customized, ’care anywhere’ mHealth applications. The paper presents the initial results of a medical Quality of Experience (m-QoE)
evaluation procedure performed to analyse multimedia-intensive mHealth applications over heterogeneous mobile network access technologies.

New DNS64 performance measurement tool

DNS64 and NAT64 are IPv6 transition technologies enabling IPv6 only clients to communicate with IPv4 only servers. Our performance measurement tool, dns64perf++, is the word’s first standard DNS64 benchmarking tool that complies with the relevant Internet Draft. Its design and implementation is documented in our new position paper: G. Lencse, D. Bakai, “Design and implementation of a test program for benchmarking DNS64 servers”, IEICE Transactions on Communications, vol. E100-B, no. 6. pp. 948-954, Jun. 2017. DOI: 10.1587/transcom.2016EBN0007