Commsignia – BME HIT
V2X Communication
Research Group

Introduction of the COMMSIGNIA – BME HIT Automotive V2X Communications Research Group

The event is free but registration is required! Please not that traffic rules near Hevesy Gy. street may be subjects of change due to the live demonstration during the workshop!

Date: 11th of May 2016.
Location: BME Building I, Room IB017
Host and moderator: Dr. Vilmos Simon Ph.D., head of MediaNets laboratory, BME HIT
10:30OpeningOpening ceremony and keynote speeches
László Tasó, Minister of State for Transport Policy, Ministry of National Development
Dr. János Józsa Ph.D., rector, BME
Gyula Barta-Eke, chancellor, BME
Dr. László Vajta Ph.D., dean, BME VIK
Dr. Tamás Hoffmann, mayor, 11th district of Budapest
Dr. Sándor Imre Ph.D., head of department, BME HIT
11:00BME-HITIntroduction to cooperative vehicular communications
Dr. László Bokor Ph.D., head of research group, BME HIT
11:15CommsigniaSmart cars, smart streets, smart cities
Vehicular communications in practice

András Takács, head of R&D, Commsignia Ltd.
11:30AdasWorksArtifical intelligence in the world of autonomous cars
Árpád Takács, algorithm developer, AdasWorks Ltd.
11:45Újbuda Smart11SMART11 – The Újbuda Smart City Programme
Lajos Janurik, managing director, Újbuda Smart 11 Nonprofit Ltd.
12:00Magyar KözútHungarian C-ITS applications
Attila Tamás Tomaschek, traffic control group leader, MK Zrt.
12:15CommsigniaReal-life cooperative V2X applications
(Introduction of the Commsignia - BME HIT - Smart11 demonstration)

András Takács, head R&D, Commsignia Ltd.
12:30Live demoDemonstration of advanced cooperative V2X applications
Commsignia - BME HIT - Smart11 demonstration, Hevesy Gy. street, 11th district of Budapest
Lunch snacksBME Building I, Room IB017