Content Delivery Networks

Name of module

Content Delivery Networks

Credit Points (ECTS)




Person Responsible for Module (Name, Mail address)

Gábor Magyar,


Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)


Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

1. Prerequisites for Participation

Bachelor level knowledge and skills in computer networks and telecommunication systems

2. Intended Learning Outcomes

Students who have successfully finished this module
  • can identify different architectures of content delivery networks and discuss their pros and cons
  • are capable to analyze and design replication strategies for different target architectures (b)
  • are analyze and design to implement resource management and resource allocation for content delivery systems
  • know, how to manage security and privacy issues in content delivery networks

3. Content

Architectures of content distribution networks; Components of content delivery networks: structures and functions; Replication technologies in content delivery networks; Operation and management of content delivery networks; Resource management and resource allocation in content delivery systems; Security and privacy issues in content delivery networks; Case studies.

4. Teaching and Learning Methods

2 weekly hours lecture

1 weekly hours integrated interactive course (problem solving, homework discussion)

5. Assessment and Grading Procedures

Oral exam at the end. Solving the assignments as a perquisite.

6. Workload calculation (contact hours, homework, exam preparation,..)

3 weekly contact hours x 15 weeks = 45 h
3 weeky hours preparation and afterwork x 15 weeks = 45 h
Exam preparation: 30 h

Total: 120 h

7. Frequency and dates

Offered every 3. semester. Classes start February and end mid May. Exam during the last 2 weeks of May and first 2 weeks of June.

8. Max. Number of Participants


9. Enrolment Procedures

See home page of the Faculty.

10. Recommended Reading, Course Material

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  • Markus Hofmann, Leland R. Beaumont: Content Networking: Architecture, Protocols, and Practive, Morgen Kaufman, 2005, 352 p., ISBN: 978-1558608344
  • Stefan Saroiu, Krishna P. Gummadi, Richard J. Dunn, Steven D. Gribble, and Henry M. Levy: An Analysis of Internet Content Delivery Systems, OSDI’02, 2002.
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