László Bokor

Associate Professor

Email: bokorl@hit.bme.hu

Room: IE 420

Phone: +36 1 463 2048

bokor_laszlo3László Bokor received the M.Sc. degree in computer engineering from the Department of Telecommunications, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) in 2004, the M.Sc.+ degree in bank informatics from the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, BME, and the Ph.D. degree from the Doctoral School of Informatics, BME. He has researched in multiple EU funded and national research and development projects for several years. He is currently with the Department of Networked Systems and Services (HIT) as an Assistant Professor and leads the Commsignia–BME HIT Automotive Communications Research Group. He is a member of the HTE (Scientific Association for Infocommunications Hungary), the Hungarian Standards Institution’s Technical Committee for Intelligent Transport Systems (MSZT/MB 911), ITS Hungary (the Hungarian organization of ERTICO’s Network of National ITS Associations), and the BME’s Multimedia Networks and Services Laboratory, where he participates in researches of wireless communications and works on projects related to advanced mobile technologies. His research interests include IPv6 mobility, SDN/NFV-based mobile networks, mobile broadband architectures, network performance analyzing, network simulation, heterogeneous future mobile networks, mobile healthcare infrastructures, and V2X communication in cooperative intelligent transportation systems. He was a recipient of the UNKP-16-4-I. Post-Doctoral Fellowship in 2016 from the New National Excellence Program of the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary.