Vehicle Flocking and Swarms

In autonomous vehicle infrastructures collective movement of dynamic nodes (UAV, robots, cars) is called “flocking”. The existing controlling mechanisms handle the group of any vehicles as a whole, no dynamic and autonomous regrouping or repartition is possible, when applying such schemes. Several use cases would require using autonomous regrouping of the flock, where a subset of the flock could leave the group and move to a given destination, to perform various tasks on the spot. It is a challenging task to find the fittest subset of the nodes to perform the given task, taking into consideration the fuel/energy level of the group members, the distance to a target member or spot etc., and this all should happen without any central control, just through distributed node interaction.  The other challenge we are addressing in autonomous vehicle infrastructures is the autonomous task allocation in a flocking system. It is an essential component for the collective movement of mobile nodes in a real life scenario.

Research topics
  • Autonomous task allocation in flocking systems
  • Patrolling strategies for autonomous vehicles
  • Controlling mechanisms for vehicle flocking
Latest results
  • Developed a solution for optimal task allocation in flocking systems,  using distributed auctions based on local peer-to-peer wireless communication
  • Introducing an autonomous patrolling strategy for multi agent environment
  • Developed controlling algorithms for vehicle flocking in the FIRST project (Future Internet Research, Services and Technology)