Commsignia – BME HIT V2X Communication Research Group

The field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is receiving more and more attention nowadays thanks to its promising capabilities to enhance traffic performance, sustainability, improve traffic safety, productivity and efficiency of any transportation systems in general. Benefits of ITS can be further enhanced if ITS entities continuously communicate with each other and intensively exchange relevant information using Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) techniques that give scope for V2X communication technologies like Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle-to-Roadside (V2R) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) schemes. This novel branch of automotive research brings answers to the rising number of traffic accidents, promises life saving features and efficient traffic networks, and eventually leads to cooperative awareness between all elements in the transportation domain where reduced environmental impact, economic benefits, and fully autonomous transportation can also achieved. By forming the industry-academic cooperation between Commsignia and BME and creating the Commsignia – BME HIT V2X Communication Research Group with the help of Smart11 Újbuda, Magyar Telekom and Expert Kft. we are able to bring the inspiring new technology of V2X closer to future generations of engineers.

Since the founding of Commsignia, our faith in the power of innovation drove us forward to a leading position in the connected vehicles industry. We now hope to aid the automotive community by bringing awareness to this exciting field of research,” said András Takács, head of R&D at Commsignia. „We believe the younger generations of talented individuals will be the driving force of our future, which is why we place a particular emphasis on supporting education and research.

Automotive communications is a rapidly expanding field of study. One that is quickly becoming a key part of our everyday lives. This dedicated partnership and research group lays the groundwork for a world class communications research and education program involving the automotive industry” said László Bokor Ph.D., a professor at the University and head of the Commsignia-BME HIT Automotive Communications Research Group.

Research topics/competences
  • Cross-layer optimization of V2X techniques for enhanced operation and/or specific purposes
  • Protocol development to support hybrid/heterogeneous V2X radio use-cases and advanced mobility scenarios (IEEE 802.11p, 4G LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, etc…)
  • Application of SDN/NFV and 5G networking paradigms for efficent V2X systems
  • Sensor fusion and integration
  • Artifical intelligence and big data in V2X
  • Development and integration of different C-ITS safety and non-safety applications/services using current and/or emerging standards
  • V2X multimedia (e.g., in surveillance, remote driving/overtaking assistance, emergency vehicle assistance, and V2X VoIP/video conference scenarios)
  • Design and implementation of intelligent, V2X-based traffic management protocols, schemes, algorithms and solutions
  • Design of smart traffic light control architectures
  • Integration of legacy and V2X-aware ITS systems
  • V2X protocol development for the Physical Internet
  • V2X protocol development for multi-modal urban mobility and transportation
  • Hardware-in-the-loop V2X simulation and rapid prototyping using SUMO and OpenStreetMap
  • Real-life evaluation of V2X schemes
Latest videos

Interviews & Media Appearances
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