Ongoing projects


CONCERTO is intended to design and validate novel solutions for network-, content- and context-aware media delivery, fusion, and interactive access, while specifically addressing the strict QoS / QoE requirements of healthcare services and telemedicine applications. More information


FIRST – Future Internet Research, Services and Technology

The main research objective of the FIRST project is to address the challenges posed by the Future Internet. The scope of research includes basic theoretical research, performance modelling of networks, scalable and flexible network architectures, content management, and issues related to Internet of Things. The project is being carried out by a large consortium led by the University of Debrecen, consisting of leading Hungarian universities in Budapest and Szeged, research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the National Infrastructure Development Institute. Our laboratory is involved in Sub-project 3, New Network Architectures and Protocols, and in Sub-project 6, Future Internet Smart City Applications. More information

Past projects


The motivation for BIONETS comes from emerging trends towards pervasive computing and communication environments, where myriads of networked devices with very different features will enhance our five senses, our communication and tool manipulation capabilities. The complexity of such environments will not be far from that of biological organisms, ecosystems, and socio-economic communities. More information


The OPTIMIX project studied innovative solutions enabling enhanced video streaming for point to multi-point in an IP based wireless heterogeneous system, based on cross layer adaptation of the whole transmission chain. The aim of the project was to increase the perceived quality of service for the user thanks to efficient cross-layer mechanisms enabling efficient joint approach between application world and transmission world. More information


Comparative study of AMR-systems, assesment of products and pilot projects in preparation for a domestic service. More information


An intelligent parking assistance system for parking garages that navigates cars to the appropriate available parking lots. More infromation